The Road Home


Charlie was adopted by a wonderful family and now has a new fur sister, Sophie.  He feel in love with them immediately and it was a perfect match for this senior!





Road To Home fosters puppies for the Humane Society of Charlotte and other rescues.  These little guys usually come from animal control or are surrendered and too young to go up for adoption.  Due to their young age, they require “around the clock” care including bottle feedings every couple of hours!  They are full of energy and curious but we enjoy the opportunity to help them get the right start in life.












Flora came to Road To Home as a foster from the Humane Society of Charlotte as a result of a puppy mill raid in North Carolina.  She was 4 years old and for her whole life kept in a cage where she was bred over and over and over again.  When she arrived, she was terrified to even be touched by a human as she had never had any interaction.  Her meals were simply thrown on the ground of her kennel, so as a result we taught her to eat from a bowl.  Most of these dogs have never eaten out of a bowl, been touched, run, or felt grass.  The one thing that is amazing about these dogs is there willingness to forgive.  The majority of the time, dogs like Flora can go on to have wonderful fulfilling lives with a new family that loves them.  Flora was adopted by a family that one of 400 applicants.  Her life is now the way she deserves it to be…full of love.







Indigo was adopted by the wonderful Harrison Family!  She has a new sister, Gabby a 3 yr. old Wheaton Terrier, and Maggie, a kitty.  She goes on a long walk every morning and every evening and at night she gets to sleep and snuggle in a cozy bed with her new mom.  Her new family wrote a email that simply said, “Dreams do come true.”







Dante was fostered at Road To Home after being surrendered to the Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love after 10 years with his owner.  This wonderful guy found a home suited for a king and he deserved it!  Dante was adopted by the Taft Family, who live on a beautiful farm in NC.  Here he spends his days frolicking on the acres of land with his new brother Jake, sister Sadi, and the horses on the farm exploring the trails and finding sticks to carry. 







Dalton (now Elvis)—

Dalton was surrendered to animal control then taken in by Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love who requested Road To Home Canine Refuge foster Dalton. He was only 9 months when he arrived and full of puppy energy.  After a few weeks, Dalton was adopted by the Minick Family of Atlanta.  The Minick Family hasadopted before from Great Dane Friends.  Dalton, now called Elvis, became a new brother to Fergie another Great Dane.  Together the family spends summers at the beach where he runs free and plays with Fergie and his family!







Michelle (now Storm)—

Michelle was brought to Road To Home through the French Bulldog Rescue Network after a puppy mill siege.  As a result of her years as a breeder she developed malignant tumors and was never socialized with people or other dogs as she was caged for 6 years – her entire life.  That being said, she was the perfect angel during her stay at Road To Home Canine Refuge..  Michelle was adopted and moved to Florida where she lived out her life being spoiled rotten by her new mom, as she rightly deserved.  R.I.P 2004-2011








Road To Home Canine Refuge fostered Maddox, a beautiful English Mastiff surrendered to Southern States Mastiff Rescue after living in a garage.  This happy-go-lucky guy was truly a giant teddy bear who loved nothing more than to play in the backyard and suck on his blanket at night.  A wonderful couple in Atlanta adopted Maddox where he lives with his kitty sibling.  Maddox’s new family quickly discovered that Maddox loves to swim and enjoys his daily dip in the pool.








This beautiful old lady was surrendered by her family of 10 years to Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love where she was then brought to Road To Home to be fostered.  She was as sweet as an angel but came with issues typical of an older dog.  Arrow enjoyed her final months here at Road To Home where she was pampered day in and day out.  She was finally able to socialize with other dogs, children and everyone who came to visit.  We got to witness an older dog that was stiff from arthritis start to run again and play in the snow.  R.I.P 2001-2011







Mom and Puppies from SC—

We received an email from Hilary in rural SC.  She had found a mother dog nursing her puppies buried under some debris protecting them from the weather and predators.  Together with the Humane Society of the United States, South Carolina representative, Road To Home Canine Refuge located a rescue that would take the mom and babies.  As of Christmas, families adopted mom and all puppies; this was a true display of collaboration between a great Samaritan and animal welfare organizations working together!








This old Frenchie was surrendered to French Bulldog Rescue Network after spending most of his life in a crate.  During these years, because of boredom he gnawed on bones, which wore his teeth down to nubs.  Once he came to Road To Home we quickly discovered that Dudley loved nothing more than a belly rub and a comfy bed.  Because of his old age and many months on the adoptable list, Road To Home had him to live his life out here.  R.I.P 1998-2009








Red is a pitbull mix that was found walking down the side of a country road deep in rural South Carolina.  He was emaciated and covered in fresh wounds.  His first meal—a sub, given by my son and husband; was consumed in seconds.  He was brought to Road To Home Canine Refuge, and immediately taken to the vet.  The doctor concluded that he was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring and was full of heartworm.  We started him on heartworm treatment, fattened him up, and gave him his own bed.  That was three years ago.  Red now helps us at Road To Home as a Transition Dog – greeting new fosters and integrating them into the pack.  He is wonderful at his job and is an amazing dog!  He now eats the best food, sleeps safely in our bed, and goes through life without a care in the world!  








Luna came to Road To Home as a foster nearly 5 years ago.  She arrived as a foster from Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love but as potential adopters fell through over the months, her ‘Bossy’ personality won us over and we officially adopted her.  Luna now spends her days ‘bossing’ the pack members and relaxing in her recliner.








Jake was found in a parking lot at a carwash.  A submissive dog, he approached people and rolled right onto his back for a belly rub.  When he was found, he had a rope tied around his neck, which he apparently gnawed through and escaped.  He was covered in fleas, had worms, and looked pitiful.  After being cleaned up and treated Jake was adopted by us at Road To Home Canine Refuge where he lived a very long and happy life.  R.I.P 1996-2007







Isabelle (Belle)—

We found this little Beagle in the middle of the road after getting hit by a car.  She was immediately transported to the closest animal hospital where we were told her entire backend was shattered and it would cost over $1000 to operate.  Soon after, an older more seasoned vet entered the room, reviewed the x-rays and recommended to take her home, keep her quiet, and she should heal on her own.  We took his advice and low and behold she walked on her two front paws until her backend healed and she walked normally.  We eventually found a Beagle rescue that took her in until she found a permanent home.