The Elders Fund

The Elders Fund

Road To Home Canine Refuge has developed a program that focuses solely on senior dogs—The Elders Fund.  This program works with our partner rescues when a senior dog needs placement.  The intent:  To provide foster care but with the understanding that the option remains that the dog live it’s life out at Road To Home.

 Every year there are millions of unwanted dogs, surrendered and stray that end up in shelters.  Of these, many are seniors whose owners have either died or could not afford the expense and time that older dogs may require.  Many times they are overlooked by potential adopters and rescues due to their shorter life spans, which leads to low adoption rates of dogs over 8 years old.  They are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized.

Once a dog reaches 8 years of age, costs for veterinary and daily care can increase by as much as 50%, with the average cost being $1200 annually and up.  The intent of The Elders Fund is to help offset the cost associated with the senior dog while in foster care or with Road To Home.

Extra expenses may be: 

  • Veterinary
    • Testing:  Bloodwork for kidney disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism
    • Medicines
    • Surgeries
    • Dental
    • Arthritis
    • Skin Conditions 
  • Supplies
    • Special bedding for sore joints
    • Specialty foods for easier nutrition, digestion and consumption
    • Joint supplements
    • Mobility aids
    • Immune support

Funds generated for this program will be dedicated to senior dogs and their care while with Road To Home Canine Refuge.